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Computers have become an integral (and an increasingly indispensable) part of everyday life.
However we too often forget that these black boxes to which we entrust so many aspects of our existence are just a collection of components which are often housed under less than optimal conditions i.e. hot, dusty and humid.

To make matters worse they will sometimes fail without giving any sign of impending doom which can be a quite stressful not only from the inability to access your digital life but also the possibility of permanently losing access to precious files. For business downtime is lost revenue and lost reputation.

There are many other ways your files can be lost apart from your computer suffering from a component failure including:

  • theft (physical and hacking)
  • environmental disasters (fire and flood)
  • malware (can destroy or make files inaccessible)

Whilst these events can't always be prevented we can help you to prepare for any eventuality and minimize downtime. Please take the time to look around the website and discover other ways we can help to make your computer systems more effective.